Want to be a quant - looking for course advice

Hey guys, I'm interested in becoming a quant and going into trading at a prop shop or IB (whatever I'm able to get).

In regards to my qualifications - I'm at a GO8 Australian uni (top 30 in the world) studying actuarial studies + mathematics in a double degree, with a quantitative finance major. I get to do derivatives pricing and continuous time finance in my major, and in mathematics I'm covering probability theory, and stochastic analysis (SDEs, Ito calculus etc.). I also have coding experience (Haskell/C++/Python) but this is more from 7~8 years of self taught stuff as opposed to anything formal.

Is this good for applying to quant jobs? (GPA is near perfect) Are there other skills I should look to acquire/subject areas I should look into at university?

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