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Mar 3, 2010

Has anyone not heard back from BlackRock for PAG summer analyst position? I heard they can take up to two weeks to respond(superday was on Friday, Feb. 19) but should I just assume it ain't happening at this point?
or hopefully there might be a "waitlist", peope who they havent decided whether to reject or offer........

Mar 3, 2010

when i applied to blackrock, had an interview. they didnt respond for like 2 months (they said no). if they don't call back within a week, assume it's bad news.

Mar 3, 2010

Was it your superday with PAG for the summer internship position?

I'm not sure at this point....I have a friend who got the offer two summers ago and he said he heard back after about two weeks. They supposedly send out all of the decisions once the recruiting process is done....although a few already got offers almost immediately after their superdays.

Mar 3, 2010

If you have a exploding offer then definitely email HR ask them to speed up the decision. But don't give up hope if you don't hear back in a week, they take longer than usual sometimes. But if I were you I'd take the other offer just to be safe. You can always apply again for FT...

Also, the original question was about career path at BlackRock :( grrrrr

Mar 3, 2010

did you get the offer, bertcamel? If so, when did you get it/are you going to take it?

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Mar 3, 2010

I got the offer and took it, I had my superday on a Friday, HR called me the following Wed. When did you guys have your Superday?

Mar 10, 2010

There are still Superdays going on, I have one this Friday. How many PAG interns do they typically take? It sounds like its a pretty huge candidate pool for the group..

Mar 19, 2010

well, blackrock name will look good on your resume...try to leverage that to get FT offfers at other buyside shop, unless u're one amazing intern and somehow (amazingly rare) u got into PMG.
Why am I saying this?
PAG is not much more than a glorified tech job and the skills set you get is very UN-transferable to other roles at other firms. Unless u're that interested in coding and programming and looking at data all the time, you really should think about looking at other firms for FT roles once u're done with ur internship (even during it). PAG is not for people that are interested in investments and portfolio management.

Mar 23, 2010