I have an OCR for a F500 corp fin rotational program next week and while preparing I have wondered what the best way to answer "tell me what you know about the company" when it is inevitably asked.

In IBD I know most suggest to talk about recent deals and I was just curious if there is anything specific that a recruiter for corp finance would be looking to hear.

Thanks in advance

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When I was asked this question for a F500 copr fin position, I answered it by addressing:
-Main products/services
-Recent developments
-Future developments/deals/products/etc that they may have been exploring or things you might've seen in the paper

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Absolutely. If you go into an interview with GE for example and respond "you um...make dishwashers I think" then it'll be a major negative. Talk about their major sectors - medical devices, power generation, ge capital, etc. It is absolutely expected that you know the very basics about the company you are interviewing with, and can definately be brownie points if you can talk more intelligently about the company/business than the next candidate.


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