So, when going through the WSO technical interview guide, there are alot of questions that aren't directly relevant to investment banking.

Some examples:
What are 3 stocks you like?
What are some stocks you would short?
Where will the stock market be in x months in your opinion?

From anyone with IB interviewing experience, how common are these questions? Also, how likely are you go get a question on current events? (i.e. what stories have you been following in the Journal, what is the Dow at?)


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I've heard questions about the markets are usually asked by more senior interviewers. You might be asked about if you know any recent deals the bank (or group) has done. If something big just happened, you might want to know that.

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Have been asked stock-picking questions in an IBD superday with a top BB (GS/MS). It's a reasonable question. In robustly valuing a company for IB, you should understand how headwinds/regulatory environment/news are impacting the equity valuation.


Current events/following the markets is definitely something you should know going into any IB interview- read up in the journal/dealbook/any other news source and have an idea of what is going on. Anything major you should be aware of- don't have to be an expert, but you should have an idea and an opinion. I've never been asked about stocks I would short, and that seems a little too much for IB. I have been asked about stocks I like/if I invest on my own, which I was shocked to be asked and totally butchered the question.


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