Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) Portfolio Management Summer Internship Super Day?

Hey Everyone,
I have a superday coming up with DFA and was wondering what I should expect. I believe I have around 5 interviews with a lunch interview. This is for the portfolio management summer internship position. Does anyone have any idea on what I should expect?

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Dec 28, 2016


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Dec 29, 2016


Jan 10, 2017

I have the second round phone screen tomorrow for portfolio management, what should i expect?

Jan 10, 2017

Know about the markets and their philosophy

Jan 10, 2017

Be able to talk in depth about your past experiences, why Dimensional, their philosophy and also have a story of working with data. If you have technical experience (eg: R, Python, SQL etc, be ready to take a question on it)

Feb 28, 2017