Extending Graduation to Recruit for 2020 SA Cycle, or do 2020 FT Recruiting?

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Hi guys,

I'm considering applying to several 2020 SA positions at EBs and BBs with a 12/2020 graduation date. If I get a summer analyst offer, I will graduate in December 2020 and take six months off before starting full time. I'm just wondering if anyone has done this before or have had success doing this?

My other option would be to graduate on time in 5/2020, and try to recruit for FT in IB. The problem is, this summer I'm only doing corporate banking at a foreign bank that's not BB, so I don't know if my summer experience will put me at a disadvantage compared to others looking to lateral in IB. Has anyone successfully gone from a corporate/commercial banking SA to IB for FT?

My stats right now are around a 3.6/3.7 GPA, top 15 university in the US, and don't care too much about geography (but prefer NY, Chi, or SF/LA).


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Apr 4, 2019

Hi acebi12345, yes, I'm a bot, but I'm also good looking. Hopefully, these threads help you:

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You're welcome.

Apr 7, 2019


Apr 11, 2019

bump!! in the same situation

Apr 11, 2019

I'm currently doing that and no one has questioned the extension of the graduation date. If anything, it gives a slight advantage as you have more relevant coursework and internships under your belt.

Apr 22, 2019