From Big4 deal advisory to a job in London

Hi Guys,

I have wished to move to London for many years and started to apply this winter, but I don't get invited to any interviews. I have mainly applied through LinkedIN's job board, but also approached random people at companies I find attractive. 

Do any of you know if Brexit have made it more difficult to find a job in London?

I have been employed in a Big4 Deal Advisory doing valuations and financial modelling for almost two years. 

In my home country recruiters reach out to me weekly with exiting jobs, but I only consider jobs aborad at the moment. 

When I started applying 5 months ago I asked my network and a friend of mine refered me to a position in London he were approached by himself. It was a smaller but very succesfull IB - I made it through to the third round.

In fact IB is not my prioirty - I am much more looking for PE, VC or corp. development. Wish to move away from Big4 and sitting behind my desk all day long.

Any suggestions/comments?

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