From medical school to business school?

Hello! I am a third year medical student in the uk! However I realised I don't enjoy my clinical years and work as a doctor . I was always thinking about going to economics/ finance/ business industry. Do u think it would be a good idea if I start studying business and economics bsc and then apply to the masters degree in the good uni. ? I am
Thinking about going to SSE RIGA. Or is it better to finish MBBS and then try my luck to get into business industry? Thank u
Also I need to make this decision +- within 4 days

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Aug 23, 2019

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Aug 26, 2019

No, I think your best bet is to apply to a MiM after medical school then try for consulting. If generalist consulting isn't your thing, there are plenty of life science consulting firms where you can flex your medical knowledge.

Aug 31, 2019

thank u

Sep 3, 2019

Wonder why, graduating from an MBBS from a UK Medical School, you would shoot for SSE Riga? What about the top tier UK business schools (MIM, MFin/MSF)?

Sep 3, 2019

Why would top UK business schools accept someone with medical knowledge and no business experience. Especially when I am not the best med student either . I thought it would be better to get business and economics experience, maintain good GPA and then to apply for masters

Sep 3, 2019