Girls wearing male watches?

Curious what guys think when they see a woman wearing a men's watch- too bulky, too masculine, etc?

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  • Senior Consultant in Consulting
Nov 21, 2021 - 11:56am

If it's a guy who doesn't know watches, they won't notice or care at all

If it's a guy who does know watches, they'll be excited that you're into them

Regarding if they can be too bulky or masculine, I'd say that just depends on if the watch is too big for your wrists or not in general -- while it's more likely for a watch to be too big insofar as women on average have thinner wrists, I wouldn't say it's a gender issue. It'd be goofy just like it's goofy when skinny guys with thin wrists wear a 47mm Shinola

I think watch companies are wising up to this, and you're seeing less and less gender-specific marketing for many brands or models

Did you have a watch in mind you were worried about?

  • Senior Consultant in Consulting
Nov 22, 2021 - 2:21am

I know plenty of guys it's too big on (which is part of why 39mm divers are picking up so much traction right now), but again if it fits your individual wrist there's nothing against it (and by fit I mean is comfortable / lugs don't overhang your wrists). Maybe you can benchmark vs

 adjusting for your wrist circumference vs hers
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Nov 21, 2021 - 2:59pm

Not a huge watch person per se, but would wear a white-faced Tag Heuer 41mm to work or interviews sometimes pre-COVID. Never really got noticed much tbh...definitely don't think it was bad looking or anything, just didn't necessarily stand out much. Honestly, unless you're going to wear something more expressive or noticeable (a la Rolex Daytona or Patek Philippe Complicated), I would imagine it'll probably be seen as another piece of jewelry in the eyes of most. 

I just wear an Apple Watch now. Never worn anything crazy myself watch-wise. 

  • Intern in PE - LBOs
Nov 21, 2021 - 3:14pm

wear a white-faced Tag Heuer 41mm

I just wear an Apple Watch now

Not a huge watch person

It adds up

  • Associate 1 in RE - Comm
Nov 21, 2021 - 7:33pm

I saw a chick rocking a Rolex gmt today and she immediately went from a 7.5 to an 8.5. It's sexy as hell when chicks know watches

  • Intern in PE - LBOs
Nov 21, 2021 - 8:40pm

I think Cartier Ballon Bleu looks good on girls, but Rolex looks good too sometimes (not sure if I have seen a girl wear Rolex gmt though, so can't comment). I have never been a fan of bulky watches on men or women (by bulky I don't mean heavy due to the movement, but more so big on the wrist), so don't think I would like it. But yes, a good watch does add some points.

Nov 28, 2021 - 5:19am

Took the words out of my mouth with the Cartier! Think the ballon is one of the few true unisex watches which looks good on anyone as long as is the right size.

  • 1
Nov 29, 2021 - 1:01pm

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