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What's up y'all,

I'm currently on my 12th month at an analyst position that is deemed to be an 18-24 month commitment. After that time, it is assumed you would try to become a Manager in the department or transition into underwriting. The situation, however, is that I am trying to move to NYC in the latter half of 2019 and my firm does not have my department over there nor do they have a true underwriting department.

That is okay though because I am looking to get closer to the transaction, so the groups I am looking at are DSF and I-Sales, possibly REIB but that is a stretch right now. I am at one of the 3 brokerage houses, so the lateral transfer options are there. My boss also stated during my semi-annual review that I have exceeded expectations of the analyst role and to start making relationships/networking in the city and to stay on top of the NY job board as he fully supports what I am trying to do. But what I am curious about is how should I begin the process of reaching out and making my name known in the NY office? I am located in the Midwest, so a coffee meeting most likely won't work. I have connected with a few MD's in the city on LinkedIn and have spoken to one on the phone a couple months back just because he is the originator on some institutional deals in my portfolio, so I was curious how he got those relationships.

But what do you guys think is the best route? Anyone in the firm that I would want to reach out to would be easy because I can just look up their contact info in Outlook, but what should be said to them? Keep in mind, I cannot physically meet them in person, so how can I network/eventually transfer out there when I can't meet with them? I feel like the best route is to email/call whomever and ask them questions about their career and develop relationships like that, eventually working in my goal of moving and see what takes place from there.

Curious if anyone has been on the same path and would want to share their insight, anything is appreciated.

Thank you

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Dec 8, 2018

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Jan 6, 2019

I don't see anything wrong with emailing them on their business email and starting a conversation from there. Eventually I'm sure they would agree to a phone call, assuming you ask this in the email, so that is when you can get the real conversation going. I would make sure you have plenty of real questions, not the bs you hear some people ask, so do your research beforehand. Mention what you do now and your goal of moving, but I wouldn't push it more than that. Develop relationships with whoever you reach out to and keep in contact.

You never know if they will be doing business near your city and you can always schedule a trip to new york to set up meetings with multiple people and see what happens from there. Good luck

Jan 6, 2019

I am at one of the 3 brokerage houses

Just three, huh?

Jan 6, 2019
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