Interview Advice - First round assessment

Hi guys,

I would like to seek advice on a matter that concern my phone interview with a BB. I have been informed by them that they will be conducting the first round of assessment by phone. However the proposed dates that they have given me coincide with my exams. As such, I was wondering if I should postpone the interview or carry on with it. On one hand, I am worried that having the interviews on the day of my exam would affect my exam result and interview performance. On the other hand, I am worried that my ability to perform under stress and ability to multitask will be questioned if I postpone the assessment.

I am not sure what I should do next. Can anyone advice me on this?

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Nov 23, 2012

Just say I'm sorry it's during exams, also change your username if it is your real name. I don't see why you can't get through a first round though.

Nov 23, 2012

Does the phone interview directly conflict with an exam, or is it just the same day? If you can still do it that day then I would certainly try to... you'll have to get used to stressful things like this. I had a phone interview once literally right before a test and it wasn't as inconvenient as I expected.

And as futurectdoc said, you should change your WSO username...

Nov 23, 2012