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  • Associate 2 in AM - Other
Nov 10, 2021 - 6:19pm

Investment role? Absolutely. Otherwise don't waste your time

BlackRock has a unique system for recruiting for their investment teams, the uniqueness is that they actually don't. It's futile to end up in a division that has no future or actual value

  • Associate 2 in AM - Other
Nov 10, 2021 - 6:47pm

Can't really provide that much

I have a friend who works at the FMA division and absolutely hates it. He's claims to be working banking hours for a quasi consulting job. He's staying there hoping internal mobility weighs in his favour

Most Helpful
  • Works at BlackRock
Nov 16, 2021 - 4:52pm

It's a fantastic line to have on your resume and a great place to start your career. We'll teach you a lot. Culture and hours definitely vary by group and location. You probably won't stay forever but it'll be good for a few years. Investment teams recruit a ton of undergraduates, contrary to what somebody above said.

Nov 29, 2021 - 12:24am

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