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Jun 9, 2017

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Jun 9, 2017


Jun 9, 2017

fuck my mom

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Jun 9, 2017

I heard a TOTALLY REAL story about someone who PURCHASED every single guide and then became a PARTNER at Goldman Sachs in less than three months. Seems LEGIT bro!

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Jun 9, 2017

if that's the path you want

There are a ton of other cool jobs at M7 programs than IB/PE/HF/etc.

Jun 9, 2017

like above said, if that's the way you want to go. a lot of people don't want to do banking any longer than they (feel) they have to, and after getting an M7 a lot of people will probably have their eyes set on other things. but if you want to do banking long-term, then yes that'd probably give you a better chance.

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Jun 9, 2017

Think. Who is this Goldman Sachs guy anyway? Why does everyone want to work for the Goldman Sachs?
Also, have you ever SEEN him? I thought not!
Nobody has even seen Patrick Curtis before either, especially not without that beard!
It is all very suspicious.
How else do you describe the anomalies?
Bondarb is a WSO member some say predicted the recession. Who profited from the recession? The Goldman Sachs.
B.O.N.D.A.R.B is code for B.B.A.N.D.R.O.
This type of iconography is very common in Illuminati code.
B is the second letter of the alphabet and is repeated twice, it is also short for Bulge Bracket.
2+2 A.N.D RO
RO is short for Rothschild.
Who worked for Rothschild for two years?
Patrick Curtis!
What bank was number four in the league tables before the recession?
Lehman Brothers, the same bank killed by the recession.
Who was the CEO of Lehman Brothers?
Dick Fuld!
What members have won MOTY awards in recent years?
DickFuld, DingDong08, FearTheBulge. Very phallic no?
All usernames were in fact proxies for the Rothchilds to mock Dick Fuld himself.
But wait. Have you ever seen Patrick Curtis and Dick Fuld in the same room together?
Of course not.
Patrick Curtis IS Dick Fuld, hiding behind a magnificent beard!
It was all a false flag.
Bondarb was warning us about the interest rate scheme falling apart, bond arbitrage drying up in the future.
This globalist regime knows no bounds.
The attack plans are hiding in plain sight.
This is the SCAM, this is how the NWO works. And they almost got away with it too...

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Jun 9, 2017

+1 for the amount of time it must have taken you to type that rant.

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Jun 9, 2017


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Jun 10, 2017

Always +SB for a Bubbles appearance

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Jun 10, 2017

This is beautiful and I have granted you an SB.

Currently: future psychiatrist (med school =P)
Previously: investor relations (top consulting firm), M&A consulting (Big 4), M&A banking (MM)

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Jun 11, 2017

I use to work with him.

Jun 12, 2017

hahahah incredible

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

Jun 16, 2017

hahahah incredible

Who travels all over the world on mysterious adventures and also has a beard? Whoever that is they are a CIA asset for sure.

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Jun 10, 2017

Is it a joke? ;P. If so very well done.

If serious, then I disagree. Remember that the purpose of the guides isn't a guarantee that you will end up in IB, but rather a tool that serves as a means to the end. Only you the person can apply these tools that Patrick put together in the guides and use them.

I came from a non-target myself and I would say that the caliber of importance is the following 1) networking 2) having a tight and very sensible story for why you want to work in this industry 3) competency on technical skills. The guides alone will probably make you competent enough to pass the technicals bar (some basic financial modelling work and perhaps a good understanding of accounting for some of the esoteric questions), but the effort you put in will put you where you want to go.

The beauty of it is that if you apply the tools in the guides, you won't end up worse for the ware. Sure you might not necessarily end up in IB, but is that a bad thing? A few folks that I know who were gunning for IB at a certain time didn't end up there but they are doing well for themselves (one is a corp strat analyst; another does corp dev at a mid sized company;). Ultimately the MBA is the career mover if all else fails, but generally there are fewer ways to incrementally boost your odds than the $100 on the WSO guides. (not being paid to say this :D)

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Jun 10, 2017

I never bought one of the guides from this site, but the amount of actual career perspective and insight you can gain from this site is tremendous. I went to a pretty decent school, so I'd never pay for modeling or networking help. But I sure as hell wouldn't be in DCM if I had never learned about it from this site. It's definitely a good resource to use, and when you're feeling down there's always a success story that makes you realize, "Fuck, I'm not the only one struggling to break in and I've still got a chance."

Jun 10, 2017

In all fairness, a lot of things in life qualify as a "scam".
Most of you cubicle guys add far greater value to the company than is reflected in your salary.
Scam? Technically yes.

I could go on and on. Point is, don't complain. Just move along if you're skeptical.

Jun 10, 2017

Well, people have apparently land positions and passed drug tests from skills gained on this site. The banter on here is pretty outstanding.

Jun 16, 2017

You mean the lucky penchant I got from the Monks on the subway won't grant my every desire?

Jun 17, 2017