Lowest ranked B School for MBB recruiting

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Conventional wisdom here would suggest that you need to go to a M7/T10 school to give yourself a decent chance of making it to MBB, You can make it from a T15 school, but the chances are lower.

However, I've noticed on LinkedIn that people from UW Foster (USNR #27) & UM Twin Cities (USNR #32) do make it to MBB (I'm not talking about sponsored MBB kids, but career switchers). Although it seems like they're always in the Seattle or Minneapolis offices. I'm not talking about 1 or 2. These schools seems to send a few grads to MBB every year. I know those are not Kellogg numbers, but what does that tell us about MBB recruiting?

I mean wouldn't it suck if you made it to Wharton and had to settle for a Tier 2 consulting firm while someone from a school ranked #32 makes it to McKinsey?

Now, I know there is a lot more to gain from B School than land a gig at MBB, but it seems to me that where you go to school matters a little less than people think on WSO.

Also noticed that UT Austin McCombs (USNR #17) doesn't send anyone to MBB, but schools ranked lower send a few kids.