Need advice for applying to IB SA positions

Hello everyone,

Let me first quickly introduce myself. I'm David, currently in the second year of a bachelor's degree in econ. I have a fairly good GPA (3.9) but don't have a lot of relevant experience. I have tried getting finance related internships but where I am from it's not so common to get such internships early in your study.

Anyway, last year I applied to a ton of IB SA vacancies and even though I got invited to a bunch of hirevue interviews, I never came further than that. The rejection mails are always basic and never include any feedback so now I'm wondering what to work on. Since I got the hirevue invite does that mean my resume and cover letter were up to par or do those things not really get looked at until after the hirevue? Was it just that all of my hirevue interviews were really bad? I also did not really do any networking but doesn't that only get you to the hirevue?

I'm no longer the ideal candidate (most ask for students in their penultimate year during the internship) but I still really want to give it another go. Hope one of you could give me a hand. 

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Mar 21, 2021 - 3:43pm

Hi David,

Sounds like you need to network. Networking is how you get first round interviews; often Hirevues are given to basically anyone who passes rudimentary GPA and work-requirement filters.

Network like a dog to get pulled into processes and make sure you know your story and technicals cold so that you actually do well in the interviews once you get them.

I also want to stress that it's important you cast a wide net. Don't just apply to Bulge Bracket banks. Make sure you apply to boutiques, middle market banks, regional banks, smaller boutiques etc. It's often a numbers game.

Mar 24, 2021 - 6:05pm

Thanks! I thought I was already doing something right by getting these hirevues but i guess it means nothing. Networking it is then, although the other comment said networking does not work in Europe?

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Mar 24, 2021 - 6:49pm

To answer your other question too: HireVues at *most* places (exclusions are like GS and BAML) don't tend to mean much and are no guarantees that anyone has seen your CV. Often the HV and your CV etc. are reviewed in unison. So your CV could absolutely be a reason you got rejected. It could also be a bunch of other things which are mentioned in that guide I linked (which I wrote btw).

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