OFFER DECISION: UBS Healthcare VS Intuit CorpFin VS Mercer Consulting

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Hey guys, I wanted to see what you thought about this. I'm currently deciding between three offers: UBS Healthcare Investment Banking, Intuit's Financial Rotational Development Program, and Mercer's Human Capital Consulting Analyst positions. I'm personally interested in a position in corporate development and strategy at a company like Google as a long-term career goal. I'm currently leaning towards Intuit because in the rotation you have the opportunity to place into Intuit's Corporate Strategy and Development group. Investment banking is definitely a great way to gain modeling and financial skills, but I'm not really interested in the healthcare sector at all. Additionally, I enjoyed my interviews at Mercer and it might be a good place to learn, but I am worried about the narrow focus on HR consulting that Mercer has. I don't think there'd be a way to break into tech corp dev without applying to business school for Mercer, although that might apply for all three positions. Any advice on which offer is ideal? Thanks.