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I have been trying to break into IB since I graduated last year with no luck. I realize though I really want to get into project finance (infrastructure loans) and am considering to focus on credit roles. From what I understand credit risk way to get into the industry. However, I met a Project Finance Director at a European Bank and he transition from IB. Can anyone who is in Project Finance give job strategy advice?

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Sep 1, 2014

Hello? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Sep 24, 2014

I am interested in this as well.

Sep 24, 2014

I have a feeling most people on here have no idea what to do if you graduate without a job. I am in the same boat but can't find that much help

Sep 25, 2014

Project finance is a touch different to IB in the recruitment process with respect to the job responsibilities of junior team members. Firstly, it is less common with PF grads straight from university, and most people have proven their analytical experience in another role prior often with a strong Excel / modelling focus. This is important as the first role in project finance will very likely be the role of a financial modelling analyst, in particular if you are aiming for the infrastructure space.

So, cutting it short, the way into project finance is to build your confidence and skill in the development and analysis of project finance models. Reputable firms in this space with free learning resources include

Corality (check out Training -> SMART Campus for tutorials) (I am a touch biased here as I am the CEO of Corality)
F1F9 - resources / blog

Once you can confidently market you financial modelling skills, you are a lot more likely to be lucky.

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Dec 10, 2014

I have checked out corality so I am aware of it. Haven't had the chance to attend any training since there is none in L.A. and I haven't found any PF online training.

How much modeling is required if you are trying to break into project finance post MBA? I'm interested in PF role because of my engineering undergrad and infrastructure/utilities background.

Dec 10, 2014