Strategy for moving from Commercial/Corporate Banking to Investment Banking - thoughts

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Hello all,

I figure I'll start off with a quick background so you can provide the most insight:

  • Recent Non-Target college undergrad, GPA: 3.94
  • Didn't realize I wanted to do IB until last 3 months of undergrad
  • 6 months experience in Corporate Banking division of a Regional Bank - Credit Analyst(~$70 billion in assets)
  • Been modeling with BIWS excel & foundation courses
  • Looking to move into a Boutique or MM IB shop (being realistic here, BB is probably a long shot until I have IB experience)
  • Haven't done much (hardly any) networking yet.

My Strategy as follows:

  • Build LinkedIn profile
  • Finish up the modeling courses - once I feel comfortable with the technicals and concepts, I'll begin networking (I want to know my shit before I begin reaching out to people)
  • Network, Network, Network
  • ^ simultaneously studying the Interview Prep Guide I am going to purchase within the next month or so

    Any suggestions/tweaks as far as strategy goes (I think its pretty straight forward but I wanted to hear peoples opinions on timing/ other suggestions)

Should I just start networking now before I finish up the modeling? - I'm about a good 1 1/2 months out from finishing the modeling courses I'd say. I just am afraid that i'd somehow manage to land an interview and not be well enough prepared for it yet.

Any suggestions as far as networking goes? - IB alumni very limited, few friends of friends.