I'm a sophomore at a target and am looking for suggestions on what finance internships I could look for that would be around 6 weeks this summer. I'm planning on doing LSE for the latter half of the summer, but would appreciate more experience in finance for the first half. I'm from charlotte which does have finance opportunities but I wouldn't limit the search to just this city. I have a solid (3.7+) gpa, and I did an internship at a very small boutique ibank the previous summer.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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By only having six weeks, you're basically eliminating the possibility of interning with any sort of large firm with an organized program. Any chance you could go for traditional sophomore placements and forgo the LSE program entirely? That'll open up a lot of other doors.

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Doing LSE would allow me to knock out two more core classes on a pass/fail basis that would ultimately help my gpa and act as my study abroad experience since I would then stay at my target during the fall. Which do you think is more valuable, a .1 bump on my gpa and studying abroad? Or a more organized internship?


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