The Interview Answer: "Why do you want to be an IB?

I asked this question previously and most answerd (hopefully telling the truth) saying that money was the main driver?

For all those, how did you answer this question during your interviews?

"why do you want to be an investment banker?"

This question is a a slight twist on the classic " Why investment banking?" Here's a great response from one of our vertaran community members.
from certified user @CompBanker

I think the best way to go about this question is to look at your resume and your experiences and build a story about yourself. Personally, I tried to get an i-banking internship after my freshman year and got dinged everywhere (obviously). I pursued an area that interested me (technology) while still gaining accounting / finance knowledge through classes and independent studying. Later I came back and got an internship at one of the same firms that dinged me. When being interviewed, I more or less told my story and gave the interviewer a very clear picture of the progression path towards banking. I think that is the most important thing: Helping them understand who you are so that they know you aren't just after the money or using them as a stepping stone. Of course, getting this across may be difficult if those are your actual objectives.

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