Wall Street Looks to November Elections

November elections couldn't come sooner for Wall Street. Make no mistake about it, this will be the most important election in decades, if not in history, for the battered and tattered financial sector.

With autumn upon us, we get back to business as usual. Anxious aspiring monkeys peel their bananas at thoughts of recruiting season and self righteous populism dealers prep new narcotic propaganda for their fiends, the voters.

One man, however, looks to make a change Wall Street can believe in.

Hedge fund manager Paul Singer of Elliott Management is quickly becoming the George Soros of the Republican party, using his vast influence and fiscal resources to boost the coffers of various conservatives in lieu of the rapidly approaching November mid-term elections.

Irrational as it may seem, Democrats have been Wall Street's pet party. Just 18 months ago, 70% of the donations from the securities and investments sector went into liberal pockets. That number has reversed in the Republican direction to the tune of 68%.

For those who take the time to read the article you will see that Mr. Singer is a big supporter of gay rights, so this isn't your typical "righty-lefty" debate.

This is a far more practical and reality based issue.

The oft-ignored truth is that Wall Street has been made the villain and scapegoat for the stupidity, arrogance and irresponsibility of all Americans...liberal, conservative, black, white, man, woman, senior and toddler alike.

As people often forget when they get comfy and complacent, appeasement does not work with bullies. Liberal BSDs long deluded themselves with the fantasy that a sizable campaign contribution could keep regulators (the real "banksters") off their backs.

What they forgot was that a fall guy is needed for a pile of crap to be swept under the rug.

The financial sector is that fall guy and this fall, he better stand up and fight.

If you work on Wall Street and/or are planning on it, the notion of value investing is not unfamiliar to you. Democrats are long populism, they are heavily vested in anti-Wall Street propaganda and are completely illiquid. Their onslaught on your check books has only begun.

As we grow and age, we leave behind emotions and theorems for rationale and interest. The interests of the financial sector have always been clear to the lucid.

Today even the dreamers must see...

Wall Street is conservative territory, for the simple fact that there is no shame in success.

For the simple reason, that the struggles of others are NOT the problems of us all.

Success does come with a price. Wall Street seems to be realizing that this price is hefty enough on its own, without an added morality tax.

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