Where can I find some of the best discussions on investment banking?

Click here for our Investment Banking forums. It is where we discuss the industry as well as different firms and groups.

These are a collection of some of the best discussions created for and replied to by members of the WSO community on the topic of Investment Banking. Keep in mind this is by no means a comprehensive list and reading old and current posts will help you learn more about the industry. If you think we missed one that should be included here, please e-mail [email protected] the request.

Q&A & Interview posts with IB professionals:

See the full list of Q&A's & Interviews here: here.

Is Banking Right for Me?

-Banking vs. Consulting: A discussion on the differences between consulting and banking, focusing mainly on Goldman Sachs and McKinsey & Company

-Why Banking: A discussion on the pros and cons of Wall Street in a down economy

Getting a Job

-Breaking In: Certified User CompBanker explains his method for obtaining a full time analyst offer at a top-tier, middle market investment bank. A number of WSO users chime in with helpful advice and encouragement

-Human Resources: This thread was started to vent the frustrations of dealing with various HR departments as a prospective IB analyst

-Offer Rescinded: This thread discusses what you can do if your offer was rescinded or you did not get a full time investment banking analyst offer

-Resume Mistakes: LB Banker created this thread to point out a number of mistakes that have been found in investment banking resumes

-Summer Analyst Tips: This is a fantastic thread for all future investment banking summer analysts. The discussion focuses on what to do and what not to do during your summer analyst experience

-IB Background Check FAQ:Wondered what an IB background check entailed? Read this FAQ for all you need to know.

Life in Finance

-Compensation: This discussion started by Monkeygames123 gives an inside view on first year analyst's bonuses in 2009

-Fashion: Targetboy started this discussion about what may or may not be appropriate for a male investment banking analyst in terms of piercing, which turned into a general discussion on presentation on Wall Street

-Health and Lifestyle: WSO users discuss how to try and stay healthy as a first year investment banking analyst on Wall Street.

-Hours and Lifestyle: A candid discussion on the reality of a career in banking, from hours to home life

-Leaving Investment Banking: Certified user Edmundo Braverman discusses leaving investment banking for greener pastures

Investment Banks

-List of Investment Banks: Make sure to check out Wall Street Mentors' "Searching for a Summer Internship" thread, which includes a list of 200 bulge bracket, middle market, and boutique banks as well as an interview with Scott Morris (former CEO of Boston Stock Exchange and Managing Director at Goldman Sachs)

-Elite Boutiques (exit ops): WSO users discuss the exit opportunities for analysts at elite boutiques, touching on the day-to-day and lifestyle as well

-Middle Market Banks: A great discussion on what differentiates middle market from bulge bracket investment banks

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