Investment Analyst Interview at Asset Manager


I have an investment analyst interview for an investment company / asset manager (300 billion AUM), but I am not 100% sure what the role exactly entails and how to prepare for the interview. For context I am an actuarial analyst without a background in finance so this is probably why I'm unsure.

Below is a snippet of the job description.

The role focuses on meeting the investment advisory and portfolio reporting needs of institutional investors including superannuation funds, non-profit organisations, crown entities and corporate investors. In addition to supporting the consulting relationships, this role fulfils an important performance reporting and analysis function for the firms range of managed funds.   

  • Prepare client and managed fund performance reports and analysis as required
  • Produce high quality letters, research reports and presentations for designated clients
  • Prepare and present technical and qualitative analysis covering all aspects of the investment decision-making process
  • Mathematical modelling, including strategic asset allocation modelling, risk analysis, sensitivity and scenario simulations
  • As required, provide support to Client Relationship Managers in managing client relationships and producing deliverables for clients and prospects

Any advice on what to learn / how to prepare or resources would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :)

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