They're both good, pay the same, and have mostly similar office locations. Strat is <200 people, BA is 4000. Strat is more PPT, BA is more excel/BI (but not as much as data analyst).


Cap1 has a BA internship at least. Unsure on strat but I think so. I was contacted by a recruiter, but it's also available on their website. 


Did any of y’all get a confirmation email that says like “Thanks for applying”? I didn’t get anything like that and I’m wondering if there was error on my part.


Highly recommend the BA/SA programs. I'm finishing up my BA summer there right now and planning on returning FT. 50 hours per week max, great culture, and super interesting work. You get the opportunity to develop a more technical skillset if you want which is great, I have some buddies working in Python all day and others doing more strategic competitive research. Unimportant but theres also a ton of free food and booze which is nice. Happy to answer any questions anyone has. 


1) Could you walk us through your recruitment timeline? Thinking about networking, the online assessment, and interviews.

2) Quick summary of your internship experience thus far? It sounds fantastic, very similar to what I'd like to do. Would love to hear about any projects you were on, as well as the team dynamics.

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1. Networking isn't really required, but good to get a feel for what different areas of the company are like. Interview process is a resume drop, then assessment, then first round, then super day. Assessment is a big excel test with some short answer questions as well. First round is just a case interview, although some people I know were accelerated to SD immediately. SD is 3 interviews, 2 are cases and 1 is a product focused interview. Cases are same as MBB but with a heavier quant focus. Product is essentially a big brainstorm where you're given a household item and asked for 10 ways to improve it. You have about a minute to think before they expect answers. The rest of the interview is talking through your improvements and going deeper on a couple. Think questions about how you would test performance over time, data points you'd look to, etc. 

2. Internship has been awesome, most of my day-to-day is SQL and excel, although Im at the point where Im building out a deck to present to my VP. There are a bunch of different areas you can get placed into, most people want Card, and I was fortunate to get placed into a super cool Card team. Most days I get in at 9 and out by 6, although the full time folks on my team will work into the night sometimes depending on what the "ask" is. There's 2 other interns on my team along with 5 FT folks, everyone is super cool and we get along quite well. There's a heavy focus on feedback and development which I like. I meet with my Sr Director multiple times per week to chat about my progress and questions, as well as just to shoot the shit.

In sum, people are pretty chill but very sharp. If you try to bullshit and ride the wave you will get exposed. Great technical skills are tablestakes for doing well. People care about WLB but there is an expectation that at times you will sacrifice it. 

I really enjoyed my summer and can see myself there long term. 


can someone link the applications for both? or has the deadline passed -- I'm seeing "this job cannot be found" when I try to search it up


Strat associate was open when I checked a few days ago, but BA is closed for now. I think they open it back up later if they still have seats left (but heard from a current intern that they don't expect to).


Currently working at C1 and spoke with recruiter today, full time BA will most likely open again but they closed it for now so all current applicants could be interviewed on a quick timeline


its made to test how well you can digest/analyze/present a lot of info in a short period of time. They'll let you analyze a ton of info and at the end come back to ask for your rec. Can't really prepare for it per say but definitely just practice a lot of chart analysis when you run normal cases and get a good night of rest before your interview lol


in terms of when you find out if you move on, for strat you will get a call from your interviewer(s) the evening of if you are selected to move on / receive an offer


Just picked up my 4th straight rejection without interview, this time from CapOne strat. Fellas we're gonna find out just how waterproof my toaster is pretty soon here.


Sorry about the rejection -- don't worry something will come along soon enough! Out of curiosity, when did you apply? Also, was it FT or intern?


Applied July 10th, FT. Was invited to a private coffee chat via a recruiter too...


I have, and got an interview last year. We'll see how it shakes out this year.


Has anyone heard back from R1 yet? Also genuinely curious if C1 is actually actively hiring - I heard there were layoffs but mostly in SWE roles.


I received a call for power day invite in the evening, the same day as my AM interview. Also from my interviewer