Hey guys,
I am an intern in a Credit HF as an analyst, and I received FT offer to join them next year. I love the work and the people, WLB is pretty good for the sector and comp, even though it is slightly below par, it is still largely above what I was expecting when going to college.
We focus on high yield trading, but we also do some macro bets managing our yield curve exposure. On a YTD basis, we've delivered positive result but we are underperforming our peer group and what our clients expected from us mainly because we were too bearish.

I think (and hope) this underperformance won't affect our AuM negatively. If you have ever been in this situation, how did you did you managed it mentally ? And, if the situation crystallize, how can it affect your carreer at a junior level ?

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Bro…not trying to be a dick, but you’re an intern. You’re way overthinking it. Underperforming by how much? For how long?

Buyside is about risks, skin in the game. Your fund has a play: it thinks markets are too bullish. Maybe that is true, maybe it isn’t. If you can’t handle the uncertainty, you best get off now cause it just gets worse as you climb up the ranks.

Besides, your bonus isn’t gonna be a meaningful chunk like that of a PM or CIO. They are much more exposed to performance comp.

Just focus on learning and performing. Every single guru in the markets states the same: early in your career, a mentorship is worth infinitely more than comp. as it can yield knowledge to help you perform when you finally step up to the spotlight. Not that comp. is irrelevant, it’s just that don’t step on dollars to save pennies in the long-run.

I’d only be worried about your fund’s performance if you think this will lead to a significant downsizing or even closure of the fund. And even then, all you can do is find another opportunity cause you have no leverage if that is your only offer


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