What are you doing with your portfolios in 2023?

Monkeys - 2022 has been certainly tough on my personal portfolio, if I can summarize the the state of affairs for my personal portfolio I'd describe it as follows:

1/ 35% in Fixed Income, Preferred Stocks, and REITs - this has been outperforming since the start of the year

2/ 65% in Equities; of which 20% are in ETFs and BRK.B and the rest in high beta names that at some point were kicking ass but now took a beating (down 40%)

Now my plan for 2023 is to DCA my bonus and monthly amount into a couple of ETFs that are defensive, a few value names, and my Fixed Income/Reit/Preferred allocation. But my question is regarding the high beta names that i own - they've been decimated and I can maybe salvage 30% on the dollar if i sell today - should i sell and reinvest in good value names or just sleep on them for the coming years and hope they bounce?

What are you all doing?

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harveyspankster, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I will but curious about your rationale :)

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Sure. The bond market will lead and the fed will follow. Despite, what they say or any dipshit on this forum likes to spew, none of these guys have ANY understanding of the severity of leads & lags to policy with this much leverage in the system and the real implications on the real economy. I'm not going to bother arguing with people who regurgitate a YoY flawed datapoint from the BLS and call that current "inflation"

Current "inflation" is NEGATIVE on a m/m basis (strip out energy and OER lagging rents). We are already in deflation and recession. Take last 3-month change in figures from the BLS and tell me what you see. Anyone still arguing about inflation is acting in bath faith at this point, sorry. Why will the market rally two thousand points because of this? Investors are going to see-through the cycle once they have Fed headwind gone and essentially easing at their backs (no this doesn't mean cutting rates and no that's not what a fucking 'pivot' in this context is). 

The dollar has topped along with yields and the 10Y will head to 0% as the 6,000 marks the top on the S&P before the deflationary bust to <2000.

Sorry if coming across angry or aggressive not meant personally at you by any means. Just sick of people coming onto online forums and acting like they know markets because of CNBC chatter and WSJ headlines. 

Lester Freamon, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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