It’s a little aggressive especially with the bolding but did it not seem that bad to anyone else if they didn’t follow the comments and deliver what the senior wanted. Probably better communicated through a call but when comments aren’t followed I’m not sure what else he’s supposed to say other than being more concise about it


It’s a VP… not a senior… talking to 22 year olds threatening their careers (sidebar not captured above since it was a call per WSC). It seems way out of line


The great thing about WFH is that instead of listening to my VP shout at me in person I can simply delete his email before I even open it.


funny thing is when recruiting with them, they kept touting their culture (and their like one day off a year where they go to milwaukee)

path less traveled

Can you name one bank that does not advertise its culture in the recruitment process? Why would a bank ever shit on its own culture when trying to recruit talent? Whenever I see a post like this, I always see a response like this, and I just don't understand it.


Yeah, email doesn't seem that bad at all. He apologized numerous times and wasn't really abusive and didn't get personal at all. He was frustrated, and doesn't want the same mistake to happen again.  


Are you on the spectrum by-chance? No, there's nothing that excuses this, and if you ever want at least the slightest bit of change in the industry this dick VP needs to be put on full-blast. This email should be public and it's a good thing that an analyst had the damn balls for once to send this out because I can assure you this is not that uncommon, but who wants to lose their role as a new grad for standing up?

Just like Moelis a few years back and then that PJT email not too long ago these things (especially during WFH) need to continue being leaked with the names of these managers attached so these scum can't abuse another analyst in the industry.. Shame on you.


+1 SB. I'm one of the first folks on here to jump at seniors who terrorize their analysts, but the guy makes edits to a presentation; you for some reason do not follow those edits.  What is he supposed to do, give you a hug? I'd be annoyed as well.

There is no job on the planet where your boss tells you to do something, you don't do it, and the reaction is positive.


It’s brutal in the sense that it’s a MM VP power tripping to a 22 YO analyst and threatening to end his career. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, how is that not brutal jesus


It's brutal in the sense that it's a MM VP power tripping to a 22 YO analyst and threatening to end his career. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills, how is that not brutal jesus

It shouldn't come as a surprise that leaking emails and putting your team "on blast" may have career consequences

I suppose it's a cultural shift from WFH that people are using social media to complain about their coworkers rather than engaging in the time honored tradition of whining to the rest of the bullpen and then getting blackout drunk


+1. Can't believe I had to scroll as far down as I did to find this response. I'm a woman in the industry and thought this was quite tame. I constantly find myself bemoaning the softness of analysts (even members of my own class) but decrying this email is on a whole different level of softness, wow.

Perhaps repetitive in nature but the point(s) are valid: if I invested time in marking up this deck for you—after your skeleton was suboptimal—why would you deviate from the blueprint provided? This is multiple issues layered on top of one another:

(a) could you not look at other decks and come up with a half decent skeleton to get the team started?

(b) are you unable to follow clear guidance and effectively implement it when provided? 

(c) where did you find the confidence to ad lib from the provided guidance after delivering an insufficient skeleton?

(d) is your self- and situational awareness so faulty that you did not think through a-c before leaking internal documents? 

(e) is your judgement so poor that you believed the tone and content of this email would result in resounding denouncement and backlash (after all the more severe crap people get away with in finance)?

The hooplah around the GS leaked deck really created bad precedent and, honestly, I find myself dumbfounded almost weekly that people can call themselves high intelligent and believe change is on the horizon.


Despite the brutal hours, most of the bankers in this group are actually great to work with.  I say most because there are a few that are either batshit insane or gigantic assholes, including the VP that wrote that email.  A lot of people defending him in this thread, but this is not out of the ordinary for him.  I have no idea how he is still on the platform given the firm's supposed "No Asshole" policy. 

Baird has had to scramble to staff back up recently after laying off way too many juniors during covid and then dealing with a high attrition rate from overworking the ones they had left.  In all likelihood, the junior bankers he reamed out were on the job less than 6 months and still had no idea what they were doing. This should not be normal in this industry.


People making excuses for his behavior… disgusting. Good reason to not join Baird. You can call out mistakes, but can take the extra effort to be kind. There’s a reason for their high attrition rates. If group culture is good, there is far less attrition even with horrible hours… when will bankers learn that attrition and turnover is almost AKWAYS linked to shit culture.