How do I network with bankers when I have a low GPA

I have a pretty low GPA(3.36) as a sophomore at a top southern school(Vanderbilt/Emory/UVA/Rice). I decided to shoot my shot in banking despite this. Is there a way I should navigate recruiting networking to get a higher response rate? Would I get autorejected from all networking calls?

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Round to 3.4. If your major GPA is higher, put that on there but leave the 3.4 as well (people will assume it is much lower if you don't have it on there somewhere)

Include your resume with your initial email, so those who will cut you on GPA will just do it then. Sure, this will lower your response rate but at least not wasting time with people who will auto-ding you once they see your GPA

3.4 is not that bad especially from a decent school. You will have to network heavily to make up for it, and be open to MM/regional boutiques as well. But I've certainly seen people with your GPA or lower land spots in IB

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Last I checked, no one asks for your GPA and bases their decision to accept the networking call on it.

Your GPA, while not stellar, is not horrible either. Networking can help remedy that. Just ask to chat.

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