How is chatgpt or other ai tools going to change junior roles? Analysts?

Some people think banks are way too old to change other think AI will takeover the business in a snap.

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There are very few tasks chatgpt in its current form can do for me. Even if you ask something like "summarize in 2 sentences (company)'s main strategic priorities based on their latest earnings transcript" it will feed you a bunch of bullshit jargon that sounds good but has nothing to do with the company you mentioned. As of now I'm not too impressed other than the fact that it's very good at predicting the "next word"

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It's a helpful tool for some very specific menial tasks, that's about it for now, however I can see this changing very quickly.

Currently anything that you can paste in (earnings call transcripts, blocks of text from annual reports etc.) it can summarise into bullets pretty well. Its also good for times when you have writers block trying to come up with investment highlights or bullets for company profiles or anything of that nature. Obviously you have to scrub the output very heavily to make sure it makes sense, but to get over that initial hump of getting something on the page it can be pretty useful. 

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