How seriously do you take this forum?

everyone here is so concerned about "exits modelling deal flow lateral target rainmaker" it's honestly quite cringe but also quite hilarious to see

no way do you all work in the top tier teams at the top tier banks. yet there is an insane amount of snobbery about everything and anything.

no one really thinks about other people's career as much as you think they do.  no one cares about your career as much as you do. no one cares. i don't mean this in a harsh or mean way. i'm just speaking the truth.



Once people start full time they realize how much nonsense is on this website I think. You have interns claiming deal sizes/ deal flow/ good groups of firms based on just their summer experience and hearsay lol. I’ve been stunned by the amount of undergrads now that I will talk to that will make wildly inaccurate claims about my bank because I assume they read a post about it on WSO and assumed it to be true rather than talking to real people. Demographics I think are largely undergrads with a few first years or really immature second years. From my experience when I was a first year, I think as people miserable first years often like to justify their misery by claiming that their bank is vastly superior to others, which propagates rankings etc. and undergrads just don’t know what they don’t know.


Haven't commented in a while but this post compelled me to say I completely agree with you. I have started FT months ago and now I see just how silly the elitism is on this website. People make these careers seem so linear, which when you take a step back and think about the advice given here makes life seem so boring. Whoever is reading this, you'll be fine and you'll make money. Just save, invest, and don't splurge recklessly like an instagram influencer.


I think the main thing that this website has totally twisted is the prestige of certain things and how prestige = happiness. 

I would rather be dating a wonderful woman making 10-15% less at a less prestigious MM firm than at GS, Moelis and contemplating suicide due to WLB. 

I'm pretty sure some hardo will throw MS, but it's totally true. best friend is an MD at Moelis, has a banging hot 9.5 wife, makes ~2 milly a year and works less than 40 hours a week...has plenty of time to play with his kids and go out with the friends...and he throws an awesome holiday party

just google're welcome

This website is pretty toxic tbh. I care way more about what people do than i should

But at the end of the day it is entertaining and just a part of what we do 


Truth. How people talk about females on here can be horrendous. Yet, it's permitted, possibly encouraged.... The female version of that speech wouldn't be welcome. It would probably talk about dick size, driving a very nice car to compensate for a tiny dick. Stuff like that... like, many of these people can not get women. It's not happening, I promise you.... moreover, I posted something once from a different account/username, and I was "punished," or my ability to post/throw was taken away. I don't recall the details, but the correct response would have been to "protect" or look out for the female. To acknowledge the audacity or issue at hand.... so yeah. In short, this is a shit show. And I feel very bad for some of the men on here. If more women were witnessing the thoughts in their heads, it's like "repellant." They can be gorgeous with hearts of gold, they're not going to go near males who think like this... its probably common knowledge, that other forums/industries/social groups, will not/do not have the same disappointing tone.  


RuneScape from like 2006-2012 was unbelievable..I was logging banking hours on that game..and I’m not even a nerdy type, former college athlete. Your post gave me nostalgia


Some information on this website was invaluable when going through recruiting. I learned things about banks/groups/etc that I would not have learned otherwise. However, once I moved past recruiting I began to realize how much of the information on this website was just regurgitation from prospects. It’s such an echo chamber.


As a person who used to cover banks in ER, I think it's substantiated to use this forum to be worried about the declining reputations and conditions of certain banks and their respective tiers (like DB or CS). I remember back in 2016 when CS was restructuring their Markets division all while going through MIFID II and everyone was like "relax". Well 1/2 my entire floor in research turned over and 1/3 of the first years in my class were culled. The business of banking is literally all about reputation and prestige and yes even some clients love the idea of having GS as an adviser out of namesake.

Also how is thinking about maxing out your paycheck + bonus a cringe thing? Not too many years ago, it was ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. It was all about getting as stupid high of a cash payout as you could. Hookers and blow were actually a thing among teams (I see this more often among my lawyer friends now lol) and not just a meme people joked about. 

Lastly, I definitely think focusing on exit opps is valid. IDK how many of you people have state-school friends but the "prestigious" job out of college there tends to be Big 4 accounting and many of them feel stuck because they realize they don't like the job but the exit opps are very, very narrow. At least with banking you can jump ship to some strategy/ops role in Uber or something. 

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I hope most people are here for entertainment. I’d find it hard to believe that the actual forum content on WSO is considered trustworthy.

There is no way to know if someone  is fake posting or impersonating. Some people know that I work in corporate development, but how do you really know?

I could have easily posed as a VP at GS and no one can verify if my claims are true.


This forum has made students hyper focused on rankings, prestige and exit opps, when in reality, those things matter a lot less once you enter the industry


Everything with a large grain of salt. WLB is what I’ve seen lied about the most here it’s ridiculous especially from “fake disgruntled employees” when you actually know people in those groups


There are also crotchety old timers around who have been through some things who come back to keep a pulse on what’s going on. You need to focus on posters who might provide the right amount of info with authority, not the general froth.

Thanks man, hope you've been doing well.

I'm good...just raised another round of VC money (series C), and am only expected to grow revenue at least 100% a year, every year. Semi-joking aside...doing very well. Hope you are too!


I once saw someone make a post here stating they grew up in a "normal middle class family" with parental inc