How to lateral


I’m a student at a good semi-target/ target for west coast double majoring (business/econ + stem). I have an offer for next summer as an intern at a Bay Area eb (think laz/ghl/pwp/moe) in their tech group. However I really dislike the Bay Area and could not see myself working here after. I wanna move to ny or la after I graduate and don’t rly care abt the group I’m in (although working on media and entertainment in la seems cool to me). I’m open to ft recruiting but I don’t have a good network since I’m not in any clubs, and in general networking for SA was hard for me (very low response rate). How should I try to lateral? Or is ft recruiting the best way to go and if so how should I approach that? I want to stay proactive because that was one of the mistakes I made while recruiting for SA

Also I have a rly good gpa and decent buy-side internship.


It’s all about networking. If you know the location you want to be in great. Next step is networking with that group especially if they do decide to do FT recruitment, there only taking 1 person btw. Everyone who interviews will be do fine on the technicals so your best bet is to give yourself the advantage of already establishing a relationship with that group. I’d recommend starting to network with them rn. Earlier the better and make sure to keep in contact with them every couple of months.


So how should I reach out? Should I do it in the same way that I did for SA? I also don’t want my current bank to catch wind of me already trying to ft recruit so I should prob be careful, but how should I network?


Sounds good. Should I attach a resume when I email them? If I do should I include my current SA 2024 on it?


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