Because it shows ur math and reading skills when u were 16. Acknowledging these skills can improve after that but at least for reading comprehension, it usually doesn’t improve much. Don’t think there will be much weight towards the score, but I can see it as a helpful metric.

I’m like 90% sure he is confused and wants the GMAT score

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In your post you referred to this person as 'he', now they have become 'she'. Did they come out in the last 18 hours, or did you make this up?

How do you give people your SAT score? Do they want a print out of your score from the SAT website?

Is your undergrad a non-target? He might want to check the reason why you didn't go to targets.

Some people had good SAT score but for a veriety of reasons, didn't go to targets. Could be financial, personal, etc. whatever.

He's probably just want to make sure you didn't go to targets because you weren't good enough academically. 

Well that explains why he wanted to see your SAT score. Just put your score (real or not, up to you) on resume, don't have to send him the CollegeBoard score report.  

Avoiding being cagey about it or not even providing him the score, they're very good at smelling bullshit and NOTHING irks an IB MD more than the stubborness and lack of willingness to comply. He could stress test you to do the uncomfortable thing. Don't tick him off.

My advice is to give him a real score. If you have an average/or below average score, just be honest. If the chat went well he won't nuke your chance at the bank over that test but will nuke your chance if you display defiance. 

I vote don't send it, and if he pushes for it again say you don't have the score report anymore but are "pretty sure it's around xxx" and then pick a decent number that might be a bit above your actual score. MM banks didn't seem as concerned about test scores as a few boutiques did in the recruiting process.

Just send your score and resume without making a big deal about it. You’re not going to be the person that changes his mind on whether SAT scores are important or not, and if you don’t send it, he’s just going to assume it’s worse than it probably is

Before COVID, SAT/ACT was required to get into college. So that test optional excuse won't work for OP, he exposed his age when he said he's getting his MBA

People who go the community college route don’t normally take SAT/ ACT, so there’s still a possibility of never taking it

“The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary.” - Nassim Taleb

ok pal….

There's about a .8 correlation between IQ and the SAT which is substantial.

The reason this is NOT talked about a lot is because certain minority groups score very poorly on the SAT.   They will blame socioeconomic reasons and "test prep" availability.....but the fact of the matter is someone with a high IQ more often than not destroys the SAT.  There's decades of proof around this.  

This is coming from someone that did good, but not outstanding on the SAT.  

weird how it aligns with the eventual AA overturning this summer from the SCOTUS

I would send a fake SAT score. Use some pdf editor program to change the number. You will never get caught because who verifies this crap? Only undergrad colleges. And if they want the proof well you have to pay College Board to send the number to the institution. But only colleges are allowed this verification. So make up a fake number, I'd say nothing too high (maybe 1450 +/- is a good start)

Honestly pretty bizarre that he's asking for your SAT instead of your GMAT score. If you did better on the GMAT, I'd send that score in as well. I might get MS thrown at me for this, but I feel like the SAT/ACT has more to do with your upbringing than the GMAT does. The strength of your school curriculum and availability of test prep services will absolutely have an effect on your SAT/ACT scores, and as a 15/16 year old kid those are not things that are in your control. Def not trying to make this a diversity argument (I think standardized test performance is a nuanced an ideal world could be considered on a case-by-case basis).

If you're taking the GMAT then chances are you're not living with mommy and daddy anymore, so it's on you to prepare. If you were trying to lateral from another industry I'd certainly understand the SAT score request, but since you're an MBA student I'm shocked he prefers that over the GMAT...

I am scratching my head at most of these replies. 

The MD had a very specific ask, your SAT. Regardless of whether we think he/she needs this information, that is what they want and expect. A number of banks and consulting firms want this because they feel it predicts success in the roles. Not sending or sending something else is not going to reflect well on you, You look like you don't follow directions, you think you know better than them have poor attention to detail....or your score is horrible. 

Send it. 

Exactly, if you have a shit stubborn attitude and can't show compliance, who would hire you to be an analyst in which you are a order taking robot?

Who gives a fuck whether it's relevant or not? If you're in IB a lot of the tasks channeled down to you will be mindless.

I'm 100% sure if OP doesn't send it, his shot at the bank will be gone.  

Send your SAT scores. If you don't then at worst they'll think you did horribly, and at best they'll think you don't have attention to detail. Either way it's not good


This hits home for me personally, as I grew up in a not so great south eastern state and went to public schools my entire life. Getting asked this question legitimately pisses me off, as my school was so bad that I genuinely thought I was the problem. Few major points:

- Every teacher/adult told me there was no way to study for the test

- I only took it once, as I didn't know of/see a reason to take it more than once at the time (whats an ivy league school? had never really heard of such a thing.)

- My math and science scores were by far the lowest, as I had never had a genuine math/science teacher (I scored <25 on ACT for both sections). For reference, I made 99%+ in Calc 1-4 in college.....

-  Caveat, I made a 35 in reading comprehension (as it turns out we southerns can read pretty well)

The shit some of these teachers and counselors tell students and parents who don't know any better is infuriating. They're playing with lives. Imagine how it was before you couldn't ask Google or ChatGPT and find out your teacher or counselor is a waste of space. A lot of these people hate their lives and hate their students even more.

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