So, it's not even that many diversity kids, it's all for those who have exploding offers or sophomore great boutique internships which extend to junior summer (which is like an offer in itself), and a lot of accelerated regular kids, they have two superdays every week, Tuesday and Thursday, each one has 15-18ppl, they just sent out 4-5 on Tuesday


Only those w competing offers got spd for regular, even us diversity program ppl are still waiting cuz now they only give to competing offers or those who have very good sophomore boutique (meaning extension to junior summer offer, so same as competing offers)


Does anyone know if MS would be willing to expedite interviews? I have an exploding non-JPM BB offer but seems like MS is still early in the process. Will letting them know I have a deadline burn my chances of even getting a first round?


Anyone get first round yet? Heard they should be coming out soon if not now... But I haven't seen a single thing about first rounds on Wall Street Oasis or from anyone else.


So, wut I can tell you all is that they are still not done w diversity recruiting. Each week has 2 superdays, and each superdays has 7-8 ppl, and they are taking 2, and this will still go on about another two weeks. 


Any knowledge on what MS will accelerate? Some people saying they will accelerate JP while others saying it didnt work for them...Also, to get this done do you contact HR or your contacts at the firm? Thanks. 


I sent in my hirevue in March. Any updates for NYC IBD target non-diverse? and Are we dinged if we haven't gotten the phone interview yet.



Just received a 1R (non-diverse, non-target)

Did you network much or a few?


Has anyone heard back from Global Capital Markets after their first rounds? I had my first round today. Any ideas on how long does it take to hear back