Q&A: Converting IBD internship whilst watching Netflix

I'm an IBD summer analyst at one of the US Bulge Brackets (GS/MS/JPM).

Today I had a catch-up zoom call with one of the VPs who said 'I'm doing well' and if I continue I'll be 'in a good position to receive a FT offer' .. even though 99% of my time is chilling in my garden, watching Netflix or chatting to friends. Today I actually didn't do any proper work, I replied to a few emails and had a couple of calls where I had to take minutes but that was it. I've worked on average around 1-2 hours a day since starting and apparently I'm on track for an offer haha. I've spoken with friends who are also interning at other banks and they said they're experiencing the same thing and loving life so I've realized that if this is happening to me and my friends it's definitely happening to a lot of other interns who also chilling and still converting.

For the record, it's not like I'm deliberately avoiding work I send emails around just no one sends me proper work, and when they do it's a 1-2 hour formatting job. I honestly feel this WFH was the best thing to ever happen for interns, I'm converting an internship at one of the most prestigious banks by binging Ozark on Netflix

I am also trying to be productive by looking through previous project financial models and trying to redo them to pass time and learn so I'm not being completely lazy.

Won't provide specifics on which team or bank or my background but happy to answer any questions.


I have seen these kind of post that I believe you guys are losing a great opportunity to prepare yourself by starting working all night during internship, networking: VP and MD before it is too late and you find yourself in the office and burning out yourself.

  1. Learn about the industry don’t just become professional become an expert of the sector.

  2. Networking is most important part of an internship, you could find a great mentor who will definitely an impact on your professional life, organise virtual coffees chats

  3. Just don’t waste this Chance.

Remember that due to Covid-19 we are working from home soon we will back in offices.

Look on internet about current IB analysts and associates, they have been working 80- 90 hours

Muhammad Usman

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