Superday - 2h+ for case study?!

Hey guys, trying to get some intel here because I can't really wrap my head around it.

So I am an AN1 at a specialized team at a smaller bank and was approached to lateral to a more general team at a large boutique. Basically, the job's more prestigious, more lucrative, and way, wayyy more intense. The talks with the MDs went fine, and I now have my superday soon. They'll have me come in in the morning, do one case study, go to lunch, then have talks with the team until the evening. 

My questions now are:

  • Is this schedule normal? I understand that the word "superday" not necessarily refers to an entire day, so I was a bit perplexed that this would take way more than 8h
  • How can a single case study be 2h+ long? What would you even do there? Even 3 Statement Models take up only 30min max, according to BIWS. Do companies these days still do group case studies? I'm kind of afraid because I honestly don't have a single clue what this could be, and my accounting knowledge is severely lacking. I also don't use a lot of shortcuts at work so if they want to see me do smooth operator-style merger models, I am pretty much screwed.
  • Is there a specific overview of case studies that you guys can recommend? Most of the answers I found online were pointing towards the classic "how many car wheels are being produced in the US every day" etc, but none really IB-specific or on these time scales.

Thanks guys, appreciate the help

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bryce22, what's your opinion? Comment below:
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  • Analyst 1 in IB-M&A

Update: Yeah, I got fucked. Not in the case study, but in the technicals, and telling about my experiences. Sucks, but such is life in IB.

Yama Yapa, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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