What position am I supposed to put on my CV?

Some background: I am 24 years old and graduated from Stockholm School of Economics last spring with a full-time offer to join a small, niche bank immediately (which I did). The bank has it's roots in wealth management, but has evolved more into an investment bank. I joined the division called "Financing Solutions", which used to be a part of the "Corporate Finance" division (classic ECM), but now stands on it's own. FS provides credit (mostly Mezzanine) to fintech and real estate companies through highly "tailored solutions" (etc, etc...). Basically project finance/direct lending.

The culture is great with almost no hierarchy, which has meant that I have become a part of the dedicated real estate-team (tot of 4 employees incl. myself, where the other 3 are all 40-60 yrs old and more than 50 years combined experience at the firm). The team is further divided into two real-estate "duos", consisting of myself and a 50 year old as well as a 60 and 40 year-old. As a result, I am involved in every part of the process; from contract negotiations to modelling, to on site visits or "client-golf" etc. I am truly grateful for the amount of responsibility that I am given and how much I get to learn. However, I am probably going to want to try out the other side as well (REPE), assumingly in a couple of years from now. Although I have gotten to know a few professionals at the PE-shops in Stockholm through different deals I've been on, I do not think my CV/linkedIn is strong enough to even get an interview in London/New York. Partly, because of my very diffuse role and (internationally) unknown employer (and of course the typical technical skills, networking and so on).

So my question is the following: what am I supposed to write on my CV? Am I a 2nd year analyst since it is my second year or am I am associate due to my responsibilities? My official title is Financing Solutions - Full Time Employee, which is the same as everyone else in my division, should I just stick with that?


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