Do you regret IB/PE?

As I network with my school alumni and research WSO, it seems that many people regret going into this field. Analysts are overworked and even ASO/VPs seem to be working 60-70hours on average (and 80+ on deal weeks). I know that most people go into IB with the expectation of going into HF/PE but it doesn't seem that much better either. It simply doesn't look like maintaining social life/gym/8hrs sleep is possible until your mid-to late thirties. I'm actually fine with working ~60 hours per/week (even if I have to sacrifice two years as analyst to get there) but it simply doesn't seem possible. The most common advice I've heard is to turn my back now and find a different career path, and that people in this industry are simply not happy. I value money but not to the point where it sucks the soul out of me (otherwise, what's the point?). I'm not trying to brag but I'm a student at HYPSW so I have opportunities that, albeit riskier, seem to provide a good amount of money while making life bearable. Was it worth it?

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I have complained on here endlessly about my time in private equity and why I loathe just about every single person I worked for. That said it was 100% worth it, it got me into Harvard for business school, I am still getting good job looks even in a bad job market. I learned a ton, got paid very fairly, and am much better for it. Did I think about how the steel of a gun barrel would taste during live deals at my fund, absolutely. Would I do it again knowing what I know now, absolutely. The reward is worth the suck. It was such a career accelerant.


At a T25 and also got some interesting looks (albeit no offer yet) in this bad job market. A lot of the WSJ / news coverage is overblowing how bad this job market is for MBAs. ~75% of my class has at least an offer and that's pretty normal for 2nd years at my school at this point.

Good on you for realizing PE isn't for you. HSW MBAs are also huge career accelerants on top of your past experience. Hopefully you land the role you want at graduation!


I joined straight out of undergrad after doing a BB IB summer internship and a secondaries/co offcycle. My firm is probably one of the better ones in terms of WLB, other shops aren’t so nice and some like BX have worse hours than buyout. My firm also tends to do quite a bit of internal promotions and so the path is definitely there. Assoc base pay is 45% higher than analyst but don’t have much colour beyond that level


Sucks, hoping and working hard to use it to get me far ahead of the pack.


100% worth it. Currently building the exact skillset I want. Wouldn’t want to be in any other seat but private markets investing. Banking was the perfect foundation and now I’m really enjoying learning PE. It’s allowed me to live in a great city, make life changing comp, and I’ve been able to support myself immediately after college. Not very many other industries where you learn so much and get paid like this early on. Tech maybe but it’s for a different kind of person. You’ll know what you’re meant to do once you do an internship in IB / PE.


A big part of the reason why I got into IB was just to be able to say that I did it.

Yes, there are a lot of unhappy people. There are also happy people too. I think it comes down to your firm/group. Fit is extremely important, it has a massive ability to impact how much you enjoy it.


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