I want to work in sovereign advisory

I really want to work in sovereign advisory at Lazard or Rothschild somewhere down the line. Fascinating stuff and seems like a business that could (and should) easily be expanded, given money matters a lot less to sovereigns than to individuals or institutions.

But two problems: First these groups are largely based in Paris and I have no imaginable connection to France and don't speak French. Second there's hardly any literature out there aside from a handful of articles, and I certainly haven't found anything on breaking in. Only relevant thing I've seen is this thread (/forums/sovereign-advisory-lazard-rothschild-others) with 1 reply, which suggests my best bet might be IB -> HBS/HKS joint degree. But that's easier said than done.

So..... if anyone has any relevant insight I'd appreciate it.

Btw my background: sophomore at target (in America)

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These groups are insanely difficult to get into. Students they hire usually speak French and have a double degree in both Economics/Public Policy and Finance. Having experience in FIG/DCM FIG is a plus. Interviews include questions about macroeconomics (e.g. “what is the uncovered interest rate parity”), national accounting (C+I+G+X-M), corporate finance, valuation and some markets questions (how do you price a forward rate etc.). So you have to be very well rounded.


I know it’s been 4 years lol but can anyone here make an educated guess as to why a DCM FIG experience is a plus?

I’m exploring a Sovereign Advisory career path down the line, and I just got a DCM internship, and still need to choose the industry group (Corporates, FIG or SSA).

I thought SSA or at least Corporates - definitely not FIG - would give me the most transferable skills for Sovereign Advisory, but maybe I’m wrong?


My guess would be that FIG is much more macro-economically orientated than any other IB industry group. Would like to hear other peoples' input though


Hello, I would also like to get information on how to prepare for an interview for sovereign adivsory groups? If anyone has ever been through the process ?

Victor Pierramonte

Hello ! I'll attend an interview for a sovereign advisory internship in a few days. I've been studying heavily, but I lack a collection of the most common questions asked. Do you know if that kind of materials exist ? Many thanks in advance !


Indeed, Financial Markets Advisory. Helped out Greece and Ireland during their last couple panics, guided the Fed on creation and asset disposition of Maiden Lane vehicles in 08 and helped most of the bulge brackets pass the (then) new Fed stress tests. Cool group although not a lot of info out there.


Any chance anyone has any insights on the recruiting process for these groups? French student here interested in Sovereign Advisory, with a public policy and finance dual degree trying to figure out how to prepare for the interview process


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