I will major in political science, but I am unsure about the career prospects

I have been interested in politics since my childhood, although there was a period when I considered majoring in economics/finance because of the $$, I ultimately decided to pursue my passion and major in political science. While it may be controversial to admit it here, I am genuinely fascinated by the workings of the human mind, collective thinking, and methods of influencing groups. Sociology is one of my biggest interests alongside politics.

Combining sociology and politics, I thought what would be better than working as a propagandist. But, I am not sure whether propagandists still exist. Are there people who work as propagandists for governments? or do governments now work with private companies since no government out there has propaganda ministry?

I have researched firms involved in propaganda and found companies like Palantir and SCL Group. Although I am not entirely sure on their exact purpose, it seems like they try to manipulate the public opinion. Is my understanding right?

I would greatly appreciate it if someone experienced in this industry could advise me on the types of companies/organizations I should explore, and tell me if majoring in political science with a minor in sociology would be a good idea.

And the reason I'm asking this on a finance forum is that I don't know of any other forum where I can find this many upper-class people who would know about this stuff.

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