KKR RE Credit vs RE Equity

How do the two compare in terms of hours and comp trajectory? Which is stronger relative to outside competition? Credit seems to be the more attractive vehicle, safer and even yielding higher returns, but would like to hear outside opinions. 

Thanks for the response! I wanted to draw a comparison to other top MF's like BX/APO. I know a few senior members from BX/APO that have left their respective funds to join KKR, so it seems like they are in an exciting growth phase, at least on the credit side.

I'm not sure what I would want to do after, what would be the best exit ops for both sides? 

Apologies for the jumbled thoughts, but hope this makes sense, thank you!

Most Helpful

With all of the "top" firms you are pretty much just splitting hairs. They are all very institutional and have good basic training for their analysts.

The question about money really shouldn't be an issue either. Analyst/associate base salary is pretty standard across most platforms and in the end top credit guys make similar money to top equity guys. 

Honestly, the decision should come down to which team you click with more (being a BX analyst, but hating your MD/team would be miserable), and which area you think you would enjoy more (credit or equity). You shouldn't have issues with exiting from any of those firms and should be fine to switch between credit and equity through your analyst/associate years.

The question of IB or PE/Private Credit is a buy side or sell side question. Which do you think you would prefer and want to be long term? 

I work in a group that does RE credit and RE equity. Find the credit side mind numbingly boring as you are essentially only focused on downside and ability to recover whatever your LTV is. Argument to be made that the equity side is slower at the moment, but I wouldnt let that alone deter you.

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