TCU Honors vs UT Austin (non-BHP) for Undergrad Real Estate

Hello there, monkeys. I'm a high school senior looking for advice on where I might have a better chance in terms of career opportunities. In the future, I'd like to work in a commercial real estate-related field (such as REIB, REPE, Development).
I was accepted to McCombs (in-state) and TCU's honors college. I've heard that if I'm in the honors college, I can apply to the Neeley Fellows and TIP Board programs, both of which place extremely well. I prefer Austin's location, but the only thing keeping me from attending UT is that I'm a non-BHP student, and I've heard it's quite competitive.
The cost difference between the two schools is approximately $13,000 per year, with TCU being less expensive due to fin aid.
Any input is appreciated. 

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Everyone blows BHP but its not all that. You will have ample opportunities as a McCombs student and real estate companies constantly visit school and recruit. A guy from GreyStar visited our campus today and being in a city that is exponentially growing allows you to have direct access to all the various real estate opportunities. Also, if you decide to work in another part of the country or the world for that matter, UT has better brand recognition. Anyways just some thoughts, hopefully more people will contribute.

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