Breaking into Sales & Trading in Hong Kong - help

I’m currently heading into my final year at a good semi target in the UK (Warwick/Durham/KCL) studying a strong non-STEM/non-finance related degree (think PPE, Law etc). Experience wise, i’m at a very small L/S HF this summer in my home country (Canada/US) and have multiple no name boutique IB and PE internships prior alongside some experience at a SWF. Will likely undertake a Master of Finance at one of Imperial/LSE/LBS (whatever one I get into) graduating 2026.

My time spent in M&A/IB/PE has shown me that i’m much more interested in markets and so far this summer at my HF has confirmed that (unfortunately no path to a return offer). I want to break into S&T and have some very very strong personal/family reasons to want to do so in HK.

An issue is that I don’t speak Mandarin/Cantonese. I’ve heard that this shouldn’t be much of a problem in S&T, but would love to hear if that info is still current? Also is there more of a barrier (if at all) for sales vs. trading in HK for languages? Also visa for me is not a concern

I’m also curious if my UG degree being a non-Finance/non-STEM degree is a barrier at all when considering the nature of S&T work? Obviously i’m not trying to break into quant desk but by the time I apply for 2025 SA positions I will have basically not started my Msf degree yet. I have a pretty strong grasp of VBA and am considering learning python but am curious if not having super strong coding skills/educational math background will hinder me (am equally open to sales)

Also i’m curious to hear how the UG schools I mentioned above are perceived by banks/HR departments in HK

TLDR; i’m at a UK semi target studying a non-quant degree with HF/IB/PE exp., don’t speak chinese and looking to land a 2025 SA S&T position in HK. Would love advice



Went to school there, and feel like s&t is more popular than Ib because the private market isn't a big deal in Asia, whereas the public market is where the money's at. Having said that, most trading guys are from STEM backgrounds, so you might be limited to sales positions, where is definitely doable.


If I wanted to move to Asia, sales would be a higher potential career vs ib?


thanks for the insight, any colour on language requirements for sales vs trading in HK? honestly sales interests me quite a bit but concerned my lack of chinese speaking ability is a hinderance


i’m not opposed to working on the trading side vs sales, but more so am curious if my technical skills are too light for non super quant desks (at this point VBA is my only language, plan to learn python etc)

figured that if i’m unable to be competitive for a majority of trading desks because of my non technical background that i should target sales?

any colour as to some desks I could target would be helpful based on most technical to least


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