not accepting spot in rates vol so I can do a masters in stats from t10

got a spot on rates swaps/vol trading desk. I accepted but might reneg because I just want to make my skills better and be able to fully perform the data analysis process from scraping to fitting to tweaking etc. yes I learned it in college, but in college everything fits perfect assumptions and data is not missing etc. Idrc about missing out on the earnings because I know the future earnings is better but if this is a really dumb decision then please let me know.


This sounds kinda dumb but I’m not in industry so who knows.

csnt you read some books? Been a big believer that education is a rip off public library knowledge wise 


have you tried kaggle competitions? I use those to work on my data chops. Tbh I get what you are saying about stats, but shouldnt you be able to develop that with practice on datasets?


I agree, but most hedge funds now want very good quantitative skills. I really want to be a top performer and be able to analyze all sorts of data because the edge is really analyzing as much alternative/normal data and fitting good models on it… I know for sell side and market makers it doesn’t really matter but I just want to have optionality in my life and just be more knowledge. I actually like data analysis


I mean do what you want man, the job environment is not great right now though so don’t assume the door that was open to you today will be open in a year when you finish a masters. If you are going to do a STEM masters the “prestige” doesn’t matter in the same way as an MBA, as it really is about what you learned. Obviously you’d want it to be a good name regardless, but being able to apply what you learn in real time on the desk is the best option. Otherwise you are shooting for the same roles with the same experience as all the other STEM/MFE grads.


As a math major, I strongly advise you against it. You have been given a rare opportunity so take it.

Plus, do you really think your lecturers will take the time to make you understand things step by step? No. If I were you, I would take some online courses for beginners and learn at your own pace. You won’t absorb everything during your masters degree as you will be focused on getting your coursework done, which mainly consists of stupid essays these days.


There are no essays in the curriculum… I also did math so I know that part lol. I’m not attached to this seat at all. I don’t care if I don’t become a rates vol trader. I want to just become the best version of myself before I enter the workforce


I do rates RV on the buyside. There is no reason for you to want to do a masters in stats before starting on the job. Anything you need to learn you can learn by doing. Less than 5% of your curriculum will be relevant, if that.