Sales and Trading vs Investment Management

I am a beginner to finance looking into various summer internships.

I have an interest in stock market investing in particular.

I would say the priority for my internship (as it would be for most) is to learn as much as possible whilst also hopefully getting a prestigous name on my resumé to make it easier to get my foot in the door for later jobs. Naturally I have been interested in sales and trading as well as asset management.

I have searched elsewhere but have little success finding the following:

How do investment management firms (State Street, Fidelity, Wellington, etc) match up against bulge brackets in sales and trading (MS, Goldman, BofA, Citi, etc) in terms of prestige - what would the better path be in the theoretical world of receiving an offer from everyone and everything I applied to lol.

Also I have seen a few roles such as prime brokerage lie inside of sales and trading - are these less desirable (e.g. they may be middle office roles?)

Essentially, how would you rank roles at each of these firms in terms of the best choice?

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Your investment style, risk tolerance, and goals ultimately determine whether you should focus on trading or investing. If you prefer to generate immediate returns and you're comfortable taking on more risk, you may be better off trading stocks than investing. Alternatively, if you are more focused on the big picture and your risk tolerance is lower, you may prefer investing. Regardless of what path you take, remember that patience is key to grow your investment capital. Allowing your emotions to overwhelm you can only lead to a costly mistake. 

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  • Houlihan Lokey (▲06) 98.0%

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