AMA: I'm a Dry Bulk Physical Trader

I'm a Physical Trader in the Asia region and look after a combined book of +1Mt for origination and sales of dry-bulk commodities. My background has been in some way or form of international trade, with 6+ years in operations before getting into a trading gig. I trade majority of dry bulk raw materials related to construction, power, steel (except coking coal and iron ore) industries to waste products which range from container cargoes upto capesizes. Even tried to dabble a little bit in alumina for a short I had once but proved to be difficult due to tight supply and restrictive channels.

The beauty about the space I deal in is I see products which trade on indices that give market players a form of price discovery, and products which people have never heard of outside your typical oil/metals/ag markets. A market where price liquidity is out the window, therefore being on the ground and engaging with counterparties in person is a huge part of the job. Relationships are key in getting deals done in this space, and personal brand is important.

Ask me anything - I'll do my best to answer within my knowledge.

I would prefer not to discuss any salary/bonus questions as it has been covered many times before in other posts.