Canada SA S&T

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In years past there's been dedicated threads to everyones progress through the SA S&T cycle in Canada. Since I haven't seen anything I figured I'd make a thread and people can chip in their status, things interviewers told them regarding deadlines, etc.

Canadian banks with S&T:

CIBC (applied, interview on 12th of January)
RBC (applied, interview on 12th of January)
Scotiabank (applied, interview on 9th of January)
National Bank (applied, interview on 12th of January)
TD (didn't apply as fudged deadline, unfortunately)
Bank of Montreal (didn't apply)

OTHERS (management consulting):

Accenture (first round Thursday the 15th)
Bain and Co (was told by friend invites are going out, not sure for what area/job)

Feel free to share anything relevant to the Canada specific S&T SA cycle.