CUNY Baruch to NYU Stern?

Hi all the amazing monkies.
I am a HS senior and very settled to pursue a career within the IB industry, specifically FO because I had some exposure to M&A. (I decided to follow this path after very serious consideration. My family has some network within the financial services industry in Asia, and I was exposed to this at a young age.) Though still have a long way to go in order to excel in this field, I am very determined to presevere, and I also think my personality is a great fit for this industry.

The problem now, is that I really doubt if I'll get into NYU Stern (or NYU in general), as much as I want to get in and it's my dream school, but due to extenuating conditions, my grades and test scores don't seem appealing. I am an international applicant (CA), and desire to spend my 4 years of undergrad in NYC. Because honestly, nothing beats the NYC environment and opportunities. Aside from Columbia (which I won't apply) and NYU Stern, only Fordam, CUNY Baruch, and Pace left within the NYC area. I realized the gaps between these schools are huge, but I am pretty determined to live in NYC.

Is CUNY Baruch a decent alternation? Since Fordham doesn't offer OCR, Baruch has a WallStreet Program that seems very interesting. Nonetheless, I found that majority of the Baruch OCRs are looking for BO positions, and it'll be nearly impossible for Baruch students to land a BB FO internship. Please confirm or clarify this?

I missed the CUNY Honors deadline, so I'm referring to the general Baruch education, even though I'm not planning to stay for four years and definitely will try to my best to transfer (to Stern). Can you guys please give some suggestions and insights on how difficult this process might be? When I saw the Stern transfer rate is nearly 2%, my confidence was definitly put down and not to mention there are plenty of internal transfers.

Just a FYI, I will not receive notifcations from these schools until February/March, thus will remain hopeful. But just in case of any reluctant results, I will get myself prepared for the worst, and if that's really the case, I'll take Baruch.
I will work my butt off to transfer, and intern the hell out, I don't care. Stern is definitely the place I want to be, it has all the resources I need. So please guys, help me out with suggestions and insights, I want to take all perspectives into account and see what I can do.

[Oh the side note, how difficult is it to transfer from Baruch to an Ivy? I don't recommend blind shots, but I do have some Ivies in mind to apply (Wharton/Columbia). As bs as it sounds, an Ivy brand never blows.]

That's a lot of information and please bear with my gramattical/verbal disorganizations.
Thank you all monkies, I really appreciate this.

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Jan 22, 2015 - 11:27am


I would try going to Baruch and transfer to NYU after your freshman year if you do well. Also econ at NYU isn't a bad route if you wanted to go that way.

If I get rejected, I'll definitely consider Baruch and work my ass off to transfer. The only thing that worries me is the low transfer rate, around 2%, and I know people from Berkeley wanting to transfer into Stern. The competition really gets my mind fried. Guess I'll work even harder

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Jan 13, 2015 - 1:51pm

If you are the "cream of the crop" at Baruch you will be able to land a front office role. If you are not the cream of the crop at Baruch, either you won't be able to get into Stern or an Ivy anyway, or if you do, it will be an unwise decision financially.

You seem to be focusing too much on your dream / reach school. Think about the risks of transferring (time, money, friends, other intangibles) rather than, if it comes to it, doing the absolute best with the school you are able to get into. Going to Stern is not going to magically solve all your problems. Not necessarily saying transferring won't be the best option for you, but you should probably evaluate your options a bit more.

Jan 22, 2015 - 11:24am

Thank you! You definitey got my idea. However, I meticulously thought this through, including the risks and other intangible things that you've mentioned. And if that's really the case, I'll still transfer because I'm very determined to do so. I want a tense and competitive environment. Though the NYU does have a rather expensive tuition, I personally think it worth the money.

Meanwhile, I am anxiously waiting for my ED2 release. Thanks again for your suggestions!

Feb 26, 2015 - 9:41pm

Just kill it at Baruch man and start looking and cold calling / e-mailing for internships early. Keep reading M&I and Wallstreetoasis and learn as much as you can early. Also use the city (this is the advantage you have over everyone else at core schools) by interning and using your spare time to meet people and build your network.

Yes Stern tough to transfer into and they prefer internal transfers more but don't be discouraged about anything. I've been impressed by Baruch and have seen or met many people in great FO roles (UBS, Goldman, Lazard, etc.) from the school so use your alumni network as well.

Also NYU is very expensive and as a school that is known to be stingy with Financial Aid, you may have to pay a lot as a transfer. Yes Stern is worth it but if you do really well at Baruch and maximize your time by doing all the above things you could end up getting the opportunities to interview as a Sternie w/o paying anywhere near the price they demand.

Feb 26, 2015 - 9:55pm

i actually recommend you to go to Stern. it is just difficult to get FO from Baruch undergrad. really difficult especially you are not even part of the honor program.
it is possible to transfer to Ivy. one of my friends transfer to UPenn in a STEM major. but he took senior classes as a freshman. so it is very difficult. go with Stern. if you are a top student, you will have a good chance.

Mar 28, 2017 - 1:31pm

I attend baruch right now as a sophmore, and ill tell you right now unless you are part of the e-board of the finance clubs you will not be able to land a internship for any FO role at any BB. There is an investment management club at the school that you can join. Almost every person i know in the club has gotten into a BB or top tier Boutique for FO role and then extended the full time offer the following year. This all depends on how hard you work since we are at severe disadvantages compared to Ivy. Its not impossible, but networking is key, many students here have already have created their network and know their shit, those of course who know what ib is and not some kid who majored in finance for the hell of it.
Edit: sorry for bumping this old thread

Mar 28, 2017 - 2:34pm

Fordham has OCR, probably better or equal to Baruch's. You will not land a FO spot out of Baruch unless you are an absolute top student and pretty active on campus. If you have the grades at Baruch to really transfer to NYU, you probably have the grades to make Baruch work for you.

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