Help on my College List (Investment Banking/Finance)

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1. UPenn
2. UCB
3. UMich Ross

1. UVA
2. Georgetown
3. UT Austin
4. UNC
5. USC
6. Boston College
7. Emory
8. Northeastern
10. Boston University

1. Indiana University
2. Villanova
3. Fordham
4. Baruch


US Citizen - Asian

- GPA : (unsure) I have an IB grade of 38/42, will probably get a predicted of the same or +1
- Rank : 6/7 out of 313
- SAT : 1470 (1480 superscored), Taking Math 2 & Chem this June (Aiming for 770+)
- ACT : none
- ECs :
a. TEDx Committee Programs and Speakers Head
b. School Rep. for Singaporean Model UN (held in NUS ; i'm from the Philippines and not SG) + (Will probably be one of the founding members of our schools first model UN club)
c. COMELEC (comm that handles elections, placing student council in power, etc.)
d. ADComm (comm that organizes a schoolwide teachers day)
e. Was part of a school summer program that taught top public school students
f. Bunch of community service stuff
g. Vice President of my class (sophomore year)
-- others

Will probably take Finance (or Bus Econ, Econ) so I'm surely applying to the colleges' business schools (Ross, McIntire, etc) + thinking of getting into Investment Banking

Questions on my mind
1. Should I apply for Wharton in UPenn or just Economics in their Econ department?
2. General thoughts on my college list and if I was mistaken in assigning schools
3. What's a better school that I can replace Boston University with? (heard it wasn't so great for recruiting/IB)
4. Any other school suggestions considering my stats/ecs?

Thank you for your advice/thoughts!