How Long Does it Take to Hear Back from a Superday Interview?

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I just finished a super day interview yesterday (Wednesday) and it's Thursday night and I haven't hear anything from HR. She told me they should let me know by the end of this week or early next week. I have heard many times that they either tell you the night of or the day after, which hasn't happened for me. However, one thing to note about this firm is that they are very disorganized. They took 11 days to get back to me after my 2nd round almost 2 months to fly me out for a superday after they confirmed I past the 2nd round, so their timeline is different from traditional BBs at least. What does everyone think? Is this bad news?

I Haven't Heard Back After Super Day Interview

Response times after super day interviews will vary by firm and by division.

Generally speaking, at bulge bracket firms for entry level positions, you will get a response after a super day within 2 - 3 days with some firms responding same day. However, these timelines are not guaranteed.

For smaller firms, there will likely be less of a defined HR structure and therefore it can take longer to hear back after your interview.

When interviewing it is wise to ask when you can expect to hear back about next steps. If you haven't heard back within that period, it is safe to reach out to HR to ask about your status.

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