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Jan 16, 2021 - 1:57pm


My dad's Indian, my mom is Jamaican-Indian am I eligible for diversity programs?                              

Make sure you also say you are LGBT and you will be a shoe-in.

Heck, you can even say your dad is Native American and so you are actually three-quarters Native American!

Remember, it was not too long ago in this country that "Indian" meant Native American instead of Southeast Asian. Just look at the baseball team in Cleveland - used to be called the Cleveland Indians (though it appears they are going to drop that name in much the way they did with Washington's NFL team).

  • Intern in AM - FI
Jan 17, 2021 - 7:16pm

Even if you don't care about ethics, I don't really think you'll get away with this easily. Straight people don't realize that gay people can almost always tell whether there's a chance someone's gay/bi even if they aren't remotely flamboyant/stereotypical (ie someone who's gay could tell that there was a good chance Peter Thiel or Pete Buttigieg were gay before they came out just by listening/watching them speak). I bet they'll just ding you in the interview with no explanation lol. Now if you're being interviewed by a lesbian woman while claiming to be a gay/bi man, then I think you have a better chance of getting away with it lol.

Also, the only LGBT programs I know about just basically give you an easier chance of getting a super day like the programs for woman (they combine the programming sessions usually). Obviously it's a smaller pool of applicants than general population, but everyone I see in the LGBT program has the very top resume stats which honestly surprised me.

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Jan 17, 2021 - 7:48pm

Pretty good, but not top tier on the oppression pyramid. Try to change your gender and find a black ancestor (should not be hard in Latam). Also you should make sure to get a target sexual orientation to really make sure you bring it home.

Andale papi!

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Jan 17, 2021 - 10:03pm

Fucking sucks for Indian guys tho. We're ORMs so we get raped in college admissions AND recruitment, we're generally not gay, and we don't really have the connections that a lot of white people are lucky to have.

Still: "I was born, not into luxury, nor poverty. But into adversity, and for that, I thank the Lord." - Jo Bennett from The Office.

Jan 17, 2021 - 10:34pm

Just so you know- being gay is not a cultural thing- so to say  "we are generally not gay" ... is insulting to lgbt. In the working world phrases like "we get RAPED in college admissions and recruitment" also don't come off well...bc you are equating your slight difficulty to actual rape and that is insulting too...



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